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Exploration Dome – Mobile Planetarium at the Ballybrown NS

.Martin had a great time at the Ballybrown NS in Clarina, Co. Limerick

Some of the students were the first to see our newest Full dome Film : We Are Aliens

We heard the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Mr Lyons the Principal wrote this to us:

The Exploration Dome visited this school on Monday and Tuesday  October 14th and 15th. Every class from Junior Infants to Sixth visited the Dome. The reaction from children and teachers was unanimous. It was excellent. Children with Special Needs were also catered for and included in everything. Martin was wonderful with the children and made the whole experience one that will be spoken of for years to come. Afterwards, the children wrote about what they had learned and they have researched areas that interested them especially. I can recommend Exploration Dome wholeheartedly

Miss Day from 3rd class wrote us the following:

This is Beena Day, 3rd class teacher in Ballybrown N.S.   The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience yesterday.

some Questions from the children:

can stars be the same size as planets?

how many teeth has a great white shark?

Is the North star the second biggest star?

How many stars are there?

Tell us more about the one way trip to mars

Describe the software you used to create the special effects

how fast do great whites travel?

What’s the function of the rings around Saturn? do they contain rock particles?

How many moons are there? does Uranus have the most?

How fast does Saturn orbit the sun?

How long would it take to travel to Saturn?

What is the functions of the other planets?

When is the next eclipse?

why can we not land on mars at present?

For the answers, click here





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