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The Dome

Our mobile planetarium is designed to explore science, astronomy, geology and geography in a fun and interactive way.

We provide a fully mobile digital planetarium dome with astronomy and science shows to schools, colleges, youth clubs and scout groups.

Exploration Dome uses state-of-the-art Full dome 360 degree 3-D digital projection technology, stunning graphics and advanced computer simulations.                                 Our Astronomy shows and Full dome films are suitable for all ages and are projected throughout the inner surface of the dome to fully envelop the audience.

Our mobile planetarium dome is 6 metres in diameter and can sit up to 45 people.

It is very easy to set up and take down and has a vertical zippered doorway for entry and exit without crawling or squeezing!

Self-adjusting vents keep the dome inflated even if the power is cut.

The dome has no floor, allowing for easy emergency exits.

A high velocity fan inflates the dome and provides continual fresh air exchange and inflation airflow is directed away from the audience for comfort.

Proprietary multi-layer fabric.

Fire retardant fabric (retardant: deca-BDE).

Indoor use only.

Please note minimum hall dimensions are: 4m (H) x 8m (L) x 8m (W)

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