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We offer a variety of topics for National Schools looking to hire our mobile planetarium. Each show starts with an introduction into Astronomy followed by a full dome film with different subjects, e.g. Earth science, Maths and Astronomy .

A visit by Exploration Dome counts as a “Step: Invite a Science Speaker to your school” for the Award of Science & Maths Excellence with Discover Primary Science & Maths.

Here are some of our available Full Dome Films:

Zula Patrol Under the Weather. They take you on an expedition to explore the weather throughout the galaxy.

Two Small Pieces of Glass is a fantastic full dome show about the history and science of telescopes. Who invented the telescope? How have astronomers employed these astounding instruments to unravel the Universe’s deepest secrets?


Click here to see our entire range of films.

Please note minimum hall dimensions are: 4m (H) x 8m (L) x 8m (W)